Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Am Nearly Too Old for This

The things to go into storage went yesterday. I'm lucky in that my parents have a company warehouse that they've let me store some things in for our eventual return to Britain. Considering the amount of things that I sent off yesterday, I don't know what I would have done without it. Family photo albums are precious but it makes no sense to transport them around the world, and I'm far too stingy to throw or give away my good quality cake tins that won't be much use in a country that doesn't bake cakes.

I am feeling much more that we're going to Taiwan now, which is handy as we fly out on Sunday. I am still quite worried about it, more than excited, though, because of the uncertainty over Conrad's school. Life would have been so much easier if he had a confirmed place at a school when we arrive. But still, it  can't be helped. Hopefully everyting will work out in the end.

My middle son got his A' level results yesterday and has got a place at Essex University to study Genetics. Well done Rohan! We waited for two hours as the UCAS site repeatedly crashed, until eventually he bit the bullet and went into school. Much relief all around as the question of what he was to do if he didn't get into university had never been properly answered. Now he'll go to stay with my sister until his starting date in October.

On the agenda for today: sort out my clothes for packing or taking to a charity shop; try to surreptitiously put some of Conrad's toys in the skip (yes, I am a terrible mother); relay my washng line area with slate chippings; strim the wild part of my garden; find us some landlord's insurance; change the addresses for all accounts/agencies etc; and probably a few more things I haven't thought of.

Could someone tell me how to convey to two young men that their room will need to be completely empty by Sunday?

Tonight Andy and I are rewarding ourselves by eatng out at a lovely restaurant, paid for with the profit from selling off our books. So there is an upside to shedding your possessions!

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