Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Here We Are!

After an unbelievably busy day on Sunday spent readying our house for tenants and trekking across London with lots of luggage, we arrived in Taiwan on Monday evening. We had all had enough of hefting overweight suitcases around, and we had a deadline before the check-in at our apartment closed, so we got a cab from the airport for the journey into Taipei. Once at the apartment, it was lovely to finally relax and catch up on some sleep after the 14 hour flight. Here a couple of photos of the view from our apartment window I took before going to bed:

I won't show you the apartment a it's too messy at the moment! But here's the clock, which exists in a timezone all of its own:

We've spent the last 24 hours getting over jetlag and finding our feet. I've also been passing the time by having  a major panic. We found out that we needed the birth certificates I'd carefully stored at my parents' warehouse to complete our visa application.The government's seen them once, I didn't think they'd want to see them again! Yes, I am stupid and possibly becoming senile. Many thanks to my wonderful brother Stu for couriering them to us.

We've found the closest supermarket and did a big shop, of course buying some interesting foods to try:

One of those sudden tropical downpours had begun when we left the supermarket. We decided to wait it out under the shelter of the shop's awning. After about ten minutes the supermarket assistant kindly came out with some umbrellas for us to borrow. I was happy to stay and watch the scene. I'm so pleased to be here finally that I even like the rain!

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