Tuesday, 29 September 2015

After Typhoon Dujuan

As an addendum to the post I wrote during Typhoon Dujuan yesterday, here are some photos of the mess and destruction left behind. I went out and took them when the winds and rain had died down at about lunchtime today.

I'd thought maybe things wouldn't be too bad because weak, vulnerable vegetation and structures would have come down in Typhoon Soudelor, but in fact the effects were much the same. Soudelor probably weakened some things, and Dujuan completed the job.

I won't be running or cycling in our local riverside park for a while.

After effects of Typhoon Dujuan.

In the end, two people lost their lives and 300 were injured. Many are still without electricity and/or unable to use domestic water supplies.

Nothing to do but clean up, repair and hope it's a long while before the next one.

ETA: I went for a run by the river this morning (Tuesday 6th October), and saw just how strong the flood waters were. Along the length of the path I run, the street lights had been swept up from their concrete bases and overturned.

Muzha Riverside Park

Dujuan 2015 was some typhoon.

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