Monday, 27 April 2015

Camping Near Yilan

It's camping season again. Not too hot, not too cold, and -- with luck -- not too wet. We've been to Wulai twice and once to Xinzhu, this time it was the turn of the beautiful mountains that run between Yilan and Hualian.
As with all the other camping sites we've stayed at, this one, near Nan'ao, was very clean and well appointed. There seemed to be too few toilets and showers for the number of campers, but I never waited to use either, and the site staff kept the facilities clean. Subsections containing 10 to 15 pitches, divided the site, and each had its own electricity hookups and washing facilities. Plenty of recycling and rubbish bins meant it was easy to leave the site as clean and tidy as we found it.

The kids and sporty adults played in the open spaces while the adults relaxed and enjoyed the mountain scenery.
There was also a rocky riverbed to explore.

In the afternoon the kids played that traditional camping game Monopoly.
And in the evening, we watched a film.
What more to ask? Well, from my perspective good health would have been nice. Unfortunately I fell ill during the evening, and returned home early the following day. 

I missed out on the fish my friends bought in the early morning at a nearby harbour. I couldn't stomach the sight nor the smell of fish, let alone the taste. The harbour was only one of the other attractions of the area. We passed a nature tour, and the children went off to play basketball in the morning at a nearby court. As always, there were many hiking trails through the lush mountain scenery.

Camping near Yilan was fun. I just wish my stomach had allowed me to enjoy more of it.

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