Monday, 9 March 2015

Trampolining at Flipout

Having reared three boys I can tell you that they're very bouncy, so it was with joy I heard that a trampoline centre had opened up in central Taipei. Called Flipout, this center is a branch of a company that opened originally in Linkou, But this was too far distant for us to contemplate travelling to, despite the attractions of bouncing.

At Flipout, the varieties of trampolines available would satisfy even Tigger. There are small ones and large ones, and even ones that allow you to launch yourself into piles of foam cubes. We visited on a local holiday, and thought we were hard done by having to wait behind a group of ten or fifteen adults and kids, all taking an age to sort out their tickets. That was until we looked behind us and saw the queue had grown so much it went up the stairs and disappeared around the corner. Word had got out.

For Taiwan, Flipout is not cheap. One hour costs NT$250 and two hours cost NT$400, or about GBP 5 and 8. If you're a non-bouncing parent like me, it's absolutely free. It is very easy to get to. At No. 45, Lane 59, Zhōngshān North Road Section 2, B2, Zhōngshān District, Taipei (台北市中山區中山北路二段59巷45號B2), it's very close to the Shuanglian and Zhongshan MRT stations on the red line. 

What else to say? Loud popular music is obligatory, as are crowds of over-excited children.
The assistant gave a safety talk to all the customers, and generally everyone was very well-behaved, obeying the one-at-a-time rule for the trampolines, and doing as they were told by the helpers.
There's a small cafe bar, but while we were there this was unmanned. Perhaps this was due to understaffing, or maybe the centre is so new this facility hasn't been brought online yet. Toilets and a few lockers made up the rest of the amenities.
Flipout Taipei is a little basic, but great fun.

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