Monday 16 June 2014

Dahu Park

Attending English literacy classes at Parents' Place draws us over to Neihu once a week during term time, and this is how we came to know about Dahu Park.

Lying just behind Dahu Park MRT Station, Dahu Park is a 13-hectare lake and park area on the eastern outskirts of Taipei. Of all the terrible British tabloids, The Daily Mail published some photos capturing its beauty a couple of years ago. I've never seen it looking quite so spectacular, but it's still a pleasant place to visit to relax in the park, hike the neighbouring mountain or swim in the large swimming complex that opened recently.

We hiked the mountain a little while ago, which was easy and fun. The entrance is along the road that runs next to the park, near a small temple.

It was very quiet the weekend that we went. The signage all had English translations, which is always helpful, and showed the many choices of paths to take once up in the mountain.

Near the top we came across this pebble trail. I think these are intended to stimulate your circulation and nerve endings and generally improve your health.

I wanted to try it out but didn't fancy becoming a white foreigner spectacle at that particular moment. (Most of the time I'm game.)

Obligatory view from the top:

We've made some great friends and had some fun times during and after English classes at Parent's Place. Until recently the children would run off their pent-up energy in a small local park, but a few weeks ago we started taking them to Dahu Park swimming pool complex. With large outdoor and indoor pools, paddling pools, spa pools, hot pools and a sauna, they leave us parents alone for hours at a time. Visiting on a weekday afternoon also means the pool isn't busy and the lifeguards are relaxed about the children horsing around in the water.

Upstairs there's an exercise centre and cafe, as we discovered on our last visit. I was feeling very noble after swimming a few lengths, so bypassed the exercise suite entirely and headed straight for the cafe, which serves steaks, pasta, hamburgers and other kid-friendly fare. Distracted children and tasty food. Life is good at Dahu Park.

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