Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cycling in Fulong

The last time we went to Fulong, a rogue wave (okay, it was about 6 inches high) drowned my towel, my book and me, and my son got stung by a jellyfish. So this time we thought it was safer to stick to cycling.

Just outside Fulong station there are two bicycle hire shops, where you can rent a bike for as little as NT$100 (about £2) a day. The bikes are reasonably good quality, and children's and tandem bikes are available too.

Bike tracks run along the beach to the temple (to the right as you stand with your back to Fulong Station), adjacent eating areas and beyond, and as far as I could tell, to the left as well.
The temple side of the beach is signed as unsafe for swimming, due to undertows. But it's is free to enter and there are toilets and changing areas, so it's popular.
This was taken towards the end of the day
We didn't go to either beach in the end because we spent most of the day cycling, but I think I would take the advice of my friends, who are trained lifeguards, and use the left hand beach. There's a small entry fee, but the water is safe for swimming and the sand is fine and clean.

As well as the bike tracks that run along the beach, there's a track leading from the road directly outside Fulong Station. After a couple of kilometres it enters Caoling Tunnel, which takes about 20 minutes to pass through.

At the end of the tunnel, those with more time and energy can continue along the Fulong Coast bike path and all around the Northeast Cape.

On our way back, I realised that spider season is with us again.
But this one wasn't quite as wide as my hand, so nothing too much to worry about. I must be getting used to living in Taiwan.

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