Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Sun in Danshui

Andy (my husband) took a rare day off work the other day and we went on an excursion to Taipei's far northern suburb, Danshui. After two months of cloud and rain, we found where the sun had been hiding all this time. 

We went for a walk along the estuary to Fisherman's Wharf, and on the way we encountered three animals tied up outside a shop.

One of these things is not like the others.....
The cynical side of me says that one or more of these beasts was destined for the pot (it was unlikely to be the dog, honestly; it was quite old, for one thing) but their owner treated all three like pets. As we walked off we realised the owner was walking behind us, with the animals dutifully following him, leads off.

You can see the owner here disappearing behind the van, and the pig trotting after him.

It turned out he was taking them all on a toilet trip. He even had a pooper-scooper to clean up after them. You can just make him out here behind the tree, leaning forward to scoop the poop.

I don't know. I hope he wasn't planning on eating them. They were lovely piggies!

The shoreline was rich with interesting sights, in fact. Here is a bride having her photo taken. Although she isn't wearing a white dress, we knew she was a bride because the groom was also present, just not in this photo. These are probably pre-wedding photos, which are often taken months before the actual wedding. Wedding couples having pre-wedding photos taken in scenic spots is a common sight (or at least, I seem to see them everywhere. The place is littered with them.)

The weather held for the whole day and we walked for several miles.

The next time I want to find the sun, I know where to try first.

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