Friday, 26 August 2011

Baked Potato (and Bacon) Sandwiches and Coffee Jelly

These were two of the items on offer at the local Starbucks where we seem to end up every breakfast time. Yes, I know we're not supposed to be on holiday but it's hard to shake that feeling when the temperature's in the thirties and you're in an unfamiliar and interesting city. We don't partake of the baked potato sandwiches but I did have a nice longan and fig muffin the other day. Sometimes I buy breakfast at the local bakery, where again I have to reluctantly turn down the cheese and lemon sandwiches in favour of more familiar fare.

In Asia some people have a habit of photographing their food before eating it when eating out in restaurants. At first this seemed a little strange but I've adopted this habit too. I find those food photos very interesting! So here are some pictures of the things we've been eating over the last few days.

Something comparatively normal. This was Conrad's lunch at the Taipei science museum: a chicken burger with spaghetti bolognese as a side dish and something that was supposed to be chips. Later the same day we had dinner at a Japanese eatery near our apartment.

This was my dinner. Yum yum. It's one of the things I really like about Asian cuisine, lots of different little dishes. This was Conrad's dinner:

He's usually happy with some kind of meat and rice dish, luckily.

We're just about acclimatised and over our jetlag now. It took a few days of adjustment, though, and on one occasion I had to force Conrad to go to bed during the day. This is how he looked five minutes after assuring me that he was not tired and did not need to go to sleep:

Andy has been enjoying his usual sleeping medication. He assured me that just one can was fine.

I've spent some time trying to find a school for Conrad in a nice area to live, but it's quite hard starting from scratch in a foreign country. We've made one or two excursions so far (just Conrad and I, as Andy has to work). One area we checked out was too remote, another too built up and polluted from road traffic. It's still early days, though and we haven't used our 'call a friend' option. I'll leave you with a photo I took to show the contrasts of this city:

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